Resin coatings

Resin coating is an ecological and indoor air-certified coating solution that creates stylish, individual surfaces for indoor and outdoor wall and floor surfaces in both dry and wet areas. Hartsilla saadaan aikaiseksi saumatonta ja elävää pinta, joka kestää elämää ja on helppo puhdistaa tavanomaisin pesuainein. Hartsipinnoite on antibakteerinen eikä ime itseensä kosteutta tai rasvaista likaa.

Every resin surface is unique and resin can be used to create many different surfaces, from smooth to rough and in between. Only your imagination is the limit. The range of colours available for resin coatings is almost limitless. Our resin products are tinted to NCS and RAL colour charts, always to order, and we can also tint products to custom shades if required.

In addition, various additional effects can be used, such as tinted gels, glitter, glitter powders or metallic gels.

The final surface will be semi-frosted or semi-glossy depending on the protective agent chosen.

Resin coatings can be applied to almost anything, including plasterboard, wood, concrete, laminate, tile, glass and even plastic carpet. However, please ensure that the coating is suitable for the surface to be treated before installation.

Our resin products offer options for both domestic and public spaces. Resin coatings are available in one, two and three component formulations, depending on the application.

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