Resin coatings

Three-component resin coatings

The three-component Trico VKF resin coating is very hard and flexible. It is ideal for outdoor and public flooring, for example.

The surface structure is determined by the grain size of the quartz sand used and the installation technique. A smooth Trico VKF resin coating is very smooth and elegant, while a rough surface is concrete-like and rough. The surface has a slight colour variation, which can be enhanced by spraying water or thinner onto the still wet mortar surface. The surface can also be enlivened with tinted resin gels or different types of glitter.

Natural Stone resin coating is a lightly coarse, very stony resin coating, which is particularly suitable for use as a floor coating in outdoor areas. The surface has a slight variation in shade, is particularly strong and flexible.

Three-component resin coatings are tinted according to NCS and RAL colour charts. The final gloss level of the surface is determined by the protective agent, being semi-fade, frosted or semi-gloss.