Lime coating

CeboArt Marmorino

CeboArt Marmorino is a smooth lime mortar that gives the treated surface a vivid shade variation with a satin to frosted shimmer. The texture of the surface is determined by the installation method chosen.

A surface treated with CeboArt Marmorino lime can be treated to a subtle metallic finish with gold or silver wax. The surface can be enhanced with the breathable CeboArt Lux additive to add shade variation and marble-like effects.

The surface treated with CeboArt Marmorino is highly breathable and has excellent resistance to humidity and temperature fluctuations. It can be installed on both indoor and outdoor wall surfaces or, for example, as a coating for a fireplace. Can be installed on e.g. plasterboard, over old paint or levelled surfaces.

Can be protected against moisture and light dirt with a protective agent or a gloss-enhancing wax if required.