Lime coating

CeboArt CalceFine

CeboArt CalceFine is a breathable, smooth and frosted lime coating that provides both smooth and textured surfaces. The lime coating has a natural, lively shade. The product can be applied to interior and exterior wall surfaces.

CeboArt CalceFine can be mixed with irregular shimmering metallic flecks of gold or silver, which add an elegant, subtle sparkle to the surface when the light hits them.

The surface treated with CeboArt architectural products lasts beautifully for a long time and is ideal for both modern ecological construction and classic, traditional construction. CeboArt architectural products contain 95 % natural raw materials.

The CeboArt CalceFine membrane coating has an A+ indoor air certificate, which guarantees that the product is safe and ecological. In addition, the product is certified for bioconstruction.